Meinl Byzance Dark 18" Trash China


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Meinl Byzance Dark 18" Trash China

The Meinl Byzance Dark 18" Trash China cymbal is an exquisite addition to any percussionist's setup. With its dark, trashy sound and responsive, hand-hammered construction, this cymbal creates complex, layered tones that add a unique character to any groove or accent. It has a distinctive look, thanks to its raw, un-lathed surface and eye-catching finish. Expressive and versatile, this cymbal is perfect for everything from jazz to metal and beyond.

Dark in a low-frequency range, and esoteric character caused by the untreated finish. Earthy with a strong attack and a short sustain.

  • Styles: Pop, Fusion, Jazz, Funk, RNB, Reggae, Studio, World, Electro
  • Timbre: Mid-Dark
  • Character: Natural, Earthy
  • Pitch: Low-Mid
  • Volume: Medium
  • Sustain: Medium to Short
  • Weight: Thin
  • Finish: Dark
  • Material: B20
  • Lathe: Abraded

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