Meinl Byzance Mike Johnston Cymbal Set

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Meinl Byzance Mike Johnston Cymbal Set

Mike Johnston (aka is one of the biggest online Drum educators in the world. After touring the world with his Band 'Simon Says' he decided he wanted to focus on the future of the Drum community and started educating. 

Having already released his popular Meinl Byzance 21" Transition Ride, Mikes' cymbal set up is now available as a box set. The box set includes the following Cymbals:

1 x Meinl Byzance 14" Extra Dry Medium Hi-Hats
1 x Meinl Byzance 20" Traditional Extra Thin Hammered Crash
1 x Meinl Byzance 21" Transition Ride
1 x FREE Meinl Byzance 18" Extra Dry Thin Crash

The Mike Johnston cymbal pack features medium-weight cymbals that sit perfectly in any mix. They are extremely versatile and can be implemented into any playing style and any environment with ease. Everything you need to achieve Mike Johnson's stunning signature sound. 

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