Meinl Byzance Traditional 15" Polyphonic Hi-Hat Cymbals

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Meinl Byzance Traditional 15" Polyphonic Hi-Hat Cymbals

The Meinl Byzance Traditional 15" Polyphonic Hi Hats are versatile cymbals designed for drummers who demand exceptional sound quality. These hi-hats produce a warm and dark tone with a wide range of frequencies, making them ideal for a variety of musical genres. They have a responsive feel and a distinct stick definition that allows for polyphonic playing. Whether you're playing in the studio or on stage, these hi-hats will deliver a vibrant sound that is sure to impress.

  • Styles: Jazz, Funk, R&B, Studio, Electro
  • Timbre: Dark
  • Character: Esoteric, Dry
  • Pitch: Low
  • Volume: Low
  • Sustain: Short
  • Weight: Medium Thin
  • Finish: Raw
  • Material: B20
  • Lathe: None

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