Meinl Byzance Traditional 16" Thin Crash

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Meinl Byzance Traditional 16" Thin Crash

Byzance Traditional feature hammered and lathed surfaces, warm sounds and a selection of models that may be very traditional, but these cymbals are the ultimate choice when it comes to versatility. Rides with a buttery-soft feel. Crashes that range from dark and shimmering with thin models, to powerful and focused with heavier ones. Traditional tone and sonic individuality come together in each of these cymbals.

Lightweight, sounds fairly washy and dark in a narrow frequency range. Soft attack and a fairly short sustain.

Character: warm, smooth
Volume: Medium
Sustain: Medium
Shaping: Hand hammered
Pitch: High-Mid
Material: B20 Bronze Alloy
Timbre: Mid-Bright
Finish: Traditional
Diameter: 16"
Weight: Thin
Styles: Rock, Pop, Fusion, Jazz, Funk, RNB, Reggae, Studio, World

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