Meinl Byzance Vintage 14" Equilibrium Hi-Hats

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Meinl Byzance Vintage 14" Equilibrium Hi-Hats

The unusual sandblasted surface gives a soft feel and a distinct matte finish. The Byzance vintage cymbals feature a low, dark and somewhat dry washy sound that isn’t too soft or loud. With its great stick definition and short sustain, you can dig into Byzance Vintage for total control at all times. It’s a sound that fits into any music that isn’t in the upper decibel levels.

Similar to his china of the same name, Matt Garstka's signature Equilibrium Hi Hats strike a unique balance of attack, tone, response, and volume. Various sections of each cymbal have been lathed for brightness or left unlathed to enhance the attack and bite, while other areas are sandblasted to achieve an overall dryness. Additionally, the bottom cymbal has six holes around the bell which help to increase the foot chick. From sloshy, open volume to a crisp, tight attack, a papery feel under the stick, and a strong chick, these hi-hats cover a wide range of dynamics and work in multiple situations.
Matt Garstka- 
“When I play an instrument, I want it to work in every situation. These hi-hats do that in a perfectly balanced way, and that’s why I’ll be playing them for many years.”
Lathe: Narrow Blade
Character: Vintage/Dry
Volume: Medium to Low
Shaping: Hand Hammered
Material: B20 Bronze Alloy
Product Dimensions: 14" x 1.4" / 355.6mm x 35mm
Weight: Thin

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