Meinl Drum Honey Slab


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Meinl Drum Honey Slab

The Meinl Drum Honey Slab instantly transforms your drum sounds into a meaty, warm and sweet tone with practically no effort. This extra-thick and large dampening gel pad has a rectangular shape measuring  3.54” long x 2.36” wide x 0.31” thick. It can be placed on any drum head type and removed easily as needed.  Drum Honey is vital for session drummers and studio engineers as well as houses of worship and other venues where sound control is needed. It’s also great for just mixing up your drum sounds. The Drum Honey Slab is washable by using a drop of dish soap and water. Let it air dry (no direct sunlight), and its stickiness will recover. The Meinl drum Honey is non-toxic.

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