Meinl Limited Edition Byzance Dual Complete Cymbal Box Set

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Meinl Limited Edition Byzance Dual Complete Cymbal Box Set

Exclusively for the end of 2020, Meinl has introduced the limited edition Byzance Dual Complete Cymbal Set. These sets have been requested by Meinl fans and drummers around the world for quite some time and now they are here!  The set consists of Meinl's most desired Byzance Dual Cymbals in a never seen before box set. What's better they also come with a free pair of Meinl Stick and Brush Hybrid 5A sticks. The box set consists of the following: 

1 x Byzance Dual 14" Hi-Hats
1 x Byzance Dual 16" Trash Crash
1 x Byzance Dual 18" Crash 
1 x Byzance Dual 20" Crash Ride
1 x Meinl Stick and Brush SB106 Hybrid 5A Sticks


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