Meinl Mini 4 ½" Conga in Wine Red

MeinlSKU: MC100WR

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With all the features of a full size conga, the MEINL Mini Congas are fun to play and look great with their natural wood body and chrome hardware. At 11 inches tall, these miniature versions are about 2/5 the size of a normal conga. Outfitted with a buffalo skin head and 4 tuning lugs, these drums are fully capable of producing a rich sound. Enjoy spontaneous jam sessions at home or at work. The Mini Congas are also a great gift idea.

  • Contains every feature of a regular MEINL Conga, at 2/5 the size
  • Tunable buffalo skin head with 4 chrome lugs and rounded rim
  • Great for spontaneous jam sessions or drum circles

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