Meinl Percussion Cajon Drum Set


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Meinl Percussion Cajon Drum Set

The Meinl Cajon Drum Set is a portable rhythm station that provides the essential ingredients to drumming: kick, snare, and hi-hat. This set includes everything needed for players looking to perform their normal drum set rhythms in smaller, intimate acoustic settings. The Cajon Drum Set can be easily arranged for right and left handed players

Meinl Woodcraft Peruvian Cajon

For the bass drum sound is the Meinl Woodcraft Peruvian Cajon which provides a very clear, deep bass sound. The Meinl Woodcraft Peruvian Cajon provides a bass sound much clearer than that of a normal bass drum at the same price range as it is designed to sound punchy and clear with no effects added. Included with this set is a direct-drive mounted kick pedal which works perfectly with the Woodcraft Peruvian Cajon. The soft beater provides warm tones due to its flat and spongy design. Players are able to play complex bass drum patterns due to the high response rate of the kick pedal.

 Meinl Cajon Snare

The 7.5” wooden shell is fitted with snare wires which are capable of providing a snappy snare sound and projecting it with clarity. The snare is the loudest when hit in the center and is capable of ghost notes when hit on the outer, offering the player chance to play any drum beat from a normal drum kit.

 Meinl 13" HCS hats

The Meinl HCS 13” Hi Hat Cymbal set-ups and individual cymbals are an entry level cymbal line that combines quality and value. They are made from MS63 alloy for a warm, harmonic and balanced sound. The Meinl HCS 13” Hi Hat is a versatile hi-hat in medium weight which provides a warm, clean sound alongside an articulate open hi hat.

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