Meinl Percussion Workstation


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Made with great attention to detail, the MEINL Percussion Workstation has been designed to be customized according to the player's demand.

  • Fully height adjustable
  • Angle adjustable top bar
  • Fabric anti-slip surface
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Infinitely expandable
  • Fabric anti-slip surfaces
  • Colour doesn’t interfere with stage lighting

Workstation Includes

  • 1x 22” x 24” Padded Fiberglass Percussion Table
  • 2x 18” x 12” Padded Fiberglass Percussion Tables (attachable)
  • 1x 30” vertical bar
  • 2x 15” Vertical Bars (attachable)
  • 4x Straight Rods with Hook
  • 3x Angled Rods with Hook
  • 1x Z-shaped Rod with Hook

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