Meinl Pickup SnareBoX


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Meinl Pickup SnareBoX

Not just for timekeepers, the MEINL Pickup SnareBoX is an excellent addition for any guitarist or singer/songwriter looking to add rhythm to their music.  When extra amplification is needed, a piezo pickup system gives you the ability to project your sound in any venue.  A high quality output jack ensures your sound will come through with clarity.  Internal sets of snare wires deliver a snapping, crisp foundation to your music.  The SnareBoX is playable from a standing or sitting position, and the attached aluminum rail will mount any common foot pedal. Included is an L-shaped MEINL beater specifically designed for the SnareBox.

  • Piezo pickup with high quality output jack
  • Crisp snare sound that’s perfect for any musician, including singer/songwriters and guitarists
  • Playable with a Meinl BassBox/SnareBox pedal, as well as any other common bass drum pedal
  • Aluminum rail to mount any common bass drum pedal
  • Forward facing sound port

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