Meinl Professional Stick Sling Bag


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Meinl Professional Stick Sling Bag

The Meinl Stick Sling Bag is a wider version of the best-selling Professional Stick Bag. Inside are eleven pockets of varying size for any kind of stick, mallet, rod, brush or accessory. Perfect for drum set players who thrive on organization, marching drummers storing extra-large sticks, or percussionists who carry a plethora of mallets. An oversized exterior pouch is big enough to fit bulkier items like books, sheet music, practice pads, metronomes and other accessories. Carry the loaded bag with its sturdy, reinforced handles or use the adjustable body strap to sling the bag across your body and keep your hands free. Utilize the attached heavy-duty clips to suspend the open bag from your floor tom or any other percussion instrument, and keep your tools conveniently within reach.  

*Sticks in image not included

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