Meinl Pure Alloy 12" Trash China


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Meinl Pure Alloy 12" Trash China

Pure Alloy Cymbals sonically bridge the gap between the darker Byzance and the brighter Classics Custom lines. Their shimmering, smooth sounds cut with agility and have a full range of tonality with medium sustain making them perfect for all dynamic levels. The crashes and rides have a perfect mix of effortless strength and a balanced wash, while the hi-hats carry a clean, refined definition. The Meinl Pure Alloy Trash China features many holes to create a fast china attack in a mini-sized package. 

Made in Germany from Pure Alloy bronze and hammered into shape. The traditional models feature pinpoint lathing creating the traditional finish. 

Lathe: Pinpoint
Character: Shimmering Clarity
Made in: Germany
Material: Pure Alloy
Timbre: Mid-bright
Weight: Medium
Volume: Medium to Low
Sustain: Medium to Short
Shaping: Computerzied Hammering
Pitch: High-Mid
Finish: Traditional
Styles: Rock/Pop/Fusion/R&B/Reggae/Studio

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