Meinl Pure Alloy Custom 18" Medium Heavy Crash


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Meinl Pure Alloy Custom 18" Medium Heavy Crash

Made in Germany from Pure Alloy Bronze (B12), Meinl wanted to make these Cymbals stand out. A New finish was applied on the top of these cymbals called Custom Smoked-Bronze and a brilliant finish has been left on the bottom.

Bright, bold and full-bodied crash with lots of cut. Plenty of volume and sustain from the medium heavy weight with a full tonal response. Great for live applications.

Lathe: Pinpoint
Character: Complex, Full-bodied, Musical, Sensitive, Smooth, Warm
Made in: Germany
Material: Pure Alloy
Timbre: Mid - Dark
Weight: Medium Thin
Volume: Medium to High
Sustain: Medium
Shaping: Computerzied Hammering
Pitch: High-Mid
Finish: Smoked-Bronze/Brilliant
Styles: Metal/Rock/Pop/Fusion/R&B/Reggae/Studio

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