Meinl Stomp Box Mount


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Meinl MPSM Stomp Box Mount

The MEINL Stomp Box Mount is made for players who prefer the feel of a bass drum pedal when playing any of the MEINL Stomp Boxes. Place your stompbox pedal in the recessed area of the mount so that the pedal’s playing surface faces you. Attach any common bass drum pedal to the bottom rail and use the MEINL L-shaped beater to get flush contact with your stompbox (model BBB2 - sold separately). This is a great way to play your MEINL Stomp Box Pedal with comfort and precision while not sacrificing sound.

  • Play your MEINL Stomp Box with the feel of a bass drum
  • Attach any common bass drum pedal
  • Use the MEINL L-Shaped beater to get flush contact (model BBB2 – sold separately)
  • Works with all MEINL Stomp Boxes
  • Baltic birch construction

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