Meinl Travel Series Rope Tuned Djembe in Pharaoh's Script


Size: 8"
Head Choice: Synthetic
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MeinlMeinl Travel Series Rope Tuned Djembe in Pharaoh's Script with Synthetic or Goatskin Head

The MEINL Rope Tuned Travel Series Djembes are great drums for professionals as well as those who just want to enjoy an afternoon playing at home or with a drum circle. These patented djembes are ultra-lightweight (even 20% lighter than the fiberglass djembes) which makes them easy to carry.

The combination of a synthetic head and shell produces sharp slaps along with deep bass tones and makes them the perfect drum for outdoor use since they are unaffected by changes in weather. The hand selected goat skin heads produce the traditional slaps and warm bass tones found in traditional African drums.

  • 100% synthetic heads and shells are perfect for outdoor playing
  • Goat heads give you authentic sound and feel
  • Ultra-lightweight makes them easy to carry
  • Pre-stretched HTP nylon ropes
  • Produces sharp slaps and deep bass tones
  • Non-slip rubber bottom, also to protect the drum from scratches


  • Small - 8" diameter x 16" tall
  • Medium - 10" diameter x 20" tall
  • Large - 12" diameter x 24" tall
  • X-Large - 14" diameter x 26" tall

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