Paiste 900 Medium Cymbal Set (14" Hats, 16" & 18" Crashes, 20" Ride)


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Paiste 900 Universal Cymbal Set (14" Hats, 16" & 18" Crashes, 20" Ride)

The 900 Series is crafted from 2002 Bronze, with its legendary warmth, brilliance and strength. In sophisticated hybrid manufacturing the cymbals are refined by Swiss craftsmanship with hand hammering and lathing. A special finish slightly darkens the cymbals and amplifies the lathing grooves and hammer marks for a spectacular appearance that fuses roughness and elegance.

Innovative design provides 900 Series cymbals with greater flexibility, resulting in a giving feel and outstanding playability. The overall sound is warm and full with subdued, discreet brightness. Heavier and larger models add abundant brilliance, cut and projection. The core of the series focuses on Crashes and Rides of medium and heavy weight in a wide range of sizes. A variety of Hi-Hats, Splashes and Chinas round out a full program that covers a wide range of stylistic needs.

The 900 Series sets the new standard for advanced sound at a reasonable investment.

This Set Includes:

  • 14" Medium Hi Hats.
  • 16" Medium Crash
  • 18" Medium Crash
  • 20" Medium Ride

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