Paiste Formula 602 Classic 20" Medium Flat Ride

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Paiste Formula 602 Classic 20" Medium Flat Ride

These legendary cymbals were reintroduced by popular demand back in 2011. When they first appeard in 1959, they set a new benchmark in quality and sound, becoming an instant classic. Loved for there delicate musical tone, these cymbals are faithfully re-created in terms of both sound and look. Forged from the legendary "602 Bronze" (CuSn20) and handcrafted from start to finish by highly skilled Swiss craftsmen. Formula 602 Classic Sounds cymbals produce a true, pure sound of unique clarity and consistency.

The Medium Flat Ride produces a pearly, woody stick sound paired with a silvery wash. A very sensitive cymbal perfectly suited for soft playing at lower volume levels and studio applications.

Volumevery low to medium
Stick Sound: soft, woody, shimmering
Intensityvery controlled

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