Paiste Signature Precision 10" Splash


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Paiste Signature Precision 10" Splash

The Signature Precision series is created using Paiste's proprietary Signature Alloy, and features the typical hallmarks of Paiste's original Signature sound - brightness, fullness, strong presence and projection, with brilliant musicality. A particular quality of the series is its clean and focused character in combination with a very articulate, straight-ahead sound. The finish purposely follows the tradition established by the original Signature series. Fans of the original Signature sound, look and feel will thus find these cymbals a compelling choice for their cymbal sets.

"The goal for the Signature 'Precision' was to create a more affordable Signature sound. We specifically researched and designed the manufacturing process to achieve that goal. Part of the success of this project is the incredible sound potency that already exists within the Signature Alloy." - Erik Paiste

This cymbal is a dynamic splash cymbal for fine to medium strong accents in various musical styles. 

Volumelow to medium loud
Stick Sound: washy
Sustainmedium short
Bell Character: integrated

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