PDP by DW Ltd Edition 12"x8" "Dry" Maple Snare Drum

PDPSKU: PD805171

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This unique snare is equally at home as a side snare or primary choice. The all-maple shell in combination with Remo Powerstroke-style batter head with extended inlay ring produce a decidedly immediate, dry tone. The lack of resonance is perfect for studio applications and can be used as a desired effect to compliment another snare on the kit. Change out the top head for a more traditional “popcorn” snare sound to take advantage of all of the versatility this compact drum has to offer. The LTD Dry comes standard with dual-turret lugs, Remo heads, MAG throw-off and True Pitch tension rods with brass lug receivers.

PDP Model: PDSN0812DRY

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