Primas Bonobo Series 14"x6.5" Padauk Snare Drum

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The Bonobo series feature an array of beautifully crafted segmented drums. 

The individually crafted segmented construction of the Bonobo Series makes for a quality built and tonally pleasing snare drum that is extremely versatile. Segmented drums by nature, tend to have a "wetter sound' than their stave counter parts, with a slightly more subtle attack, medium sustain and longer decay. Although overtones are present, they are controlled and focused, allowing more scope for fine-tuning the overall sound of the drum.

The Padauk variant produces a sound that is particularly bright with boosted highs and mids, performing excellently at all tuning ranges, particularly suited to higher tuning, bringing out the best of this naturally high pitched tone wood.

  • Construction - Segmented
  • Tone wood -  Padauk 
  • Finish - Open grain Satin
  • Hardware colour - Black Nickel
  • Bearing edges and snare beds - Small round over outer, large 45 inner, Primas snare beds 
  • Hardware spec -8 Lug - ST80 double point lugs, Triple flanged hoops, Drumworks throw, Spencer Butt, Pure sound snare wires and Evans drumheads

All drums come with a certificate of ownership, quality control record and aftercare and maintenance sheet.

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