Primas Custom Shop 14"x6.25" Black Walnut Snare Drum - Bumblebee Inspired

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Custom Shop drums! Endless possibilities - ultimate quality!

A perfect example of "Empowering Your Sound In Style", with this unique Custom Shop snare drum. 

This one-of-a-kind Custom Shop model has all the high end features that really make a snare drum special; quality shell construction, quality snare strainer, a beautiful high gloss finish and in addition; a very unique Transformers Bumblebee inspired theme. 

Due to the stave shell construction and Walnut tone wood, this 14x6.25" produces a  solid attack and performs excellently across all tuning ranges. Tonally, it is full bodied and 'woody' with a warm bottom end and controlled overtones. 

  • Construction - Stave 14mm
  • Tone wood - Black Walnut
  • Finish - High Gloss 2k polyurethane yellow paint, made complete with black racing stripes and Transformers logo badge
  • Hardware colour - Black Nickel 
  • Bearing edges and snare beds - Small 45 outer, large 45 degree inner, Primas snare beds 
  • Hardware spec -8 Lug - ST80 double point lugs, Triple flanged hoops, Drumworks throw, Spencer Butt, Pure sound snare wires and Evans drumheads 

All drums come with a certificate of ownership, quality control record and aftercare and maintenance sheet.

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