Pro-Mark Matt Halpern Lacquered Hickory Drum Sticks


(10+) available to buy, see stock location below


Although 2B in size, this stick plays more like a 5B. The ProMark Matt Halpern drumstick features a short taper and large round tip, giving this drumstick a well-balanced, front weighted feel to optimize power and speed while producing full and robust tones from the drums and cymbals. For a limited time, packaging and stick artwork may vary.

ProMark Rebound drumsticks are ready to respond with a rear-weighted balance and the options of Hickory, FireGrain, or ActiveGrip. Designed for agility, speed, and response, Rebound lets players take technical playing to a new level.

  • Tip Material: Wood
  • Tip Shape: Large Round
  • Length: 16" / 406.4mm
  • Diameter: .630" / 16.1mm

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