Protection Racket AAA Rigid Bass Drum Cases

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Size: 18"x14"
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Life on the road is tough ... and your gear needs the best protection from the rough and tumble that all drums are subjected to. From knocks and dints, and falls and spills, drum cases are the answer to keeping your drums safe. We're not just talking any case ... this is the best case ever offered by Protection Racket!

Introducing The Triple AAA (Access All Area -All Accidents Averted) Drum Case Range ... super tough, Poly­Carbonate frame cases with all the benefits of Protection Rackets unique drum case technologies.

Triple A-Plex Rocket Foam
Utilising strong, lightweight advanced polymers, Protection Racket have created Triple A-Plex™, a Poly-Carbonate frame which offers exceptional resistance to impact. This forms the core of these new AAA drum cases, around which Protection Racket have added their tried and tested inner and outer drum case components. This combination of materials has formed Protection Rackets newest material; Rocket Foam™!

New features on the AAA range include 6" X 4" clear window pocket put in a photo of your kit for quick and easy identification of your favourite drum, new neoprene ergonomic handle and plastic piping edges

  • 18"x14" bass drums (21½" x 17½" Internal)
  • 18"x16" bass drums (21½" x 19½" Internal)
  • 20"x14" bass drums (23½" x 17½" Internal)
  • 20"x16" bass drums (23½" x 19½" Internal)
  • 20"x18" bass drums (22½" x 21½" Internal)
  • 22"x14" bass drums (25½" x 17½" Internal)
  • 22"x16" bass drums (25½" x 19½" Internal)
  • 22"x18" bass drums (25½" x 21½" Internal)
  • 22"x20" bass drums (25½" x 23½" Internal)
  • 24"x14" bass drums (27½" x 27½" Internal)
  • 24"x16" bass drums (27½" x 19½" Internal)
  • 24"x18" bass drums (27½" x 21½" Internal)
  • 26"x14" bass drums (29½" x 17½" Internal)

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