Protection Racket Slim Hardware Bags

Protection RacketSKU: J5030CZ00

Size: 30"
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Compact hardware bag with shoulder strap designed for transporting a small amount of hardware. 

Internal straps on every hardware case ensure hardware remains held down in transit.

Note: The hardware cases do not have Propile fleece lining; the are lined with Racketex for extra protection.

When it comes to construction of Protection Racket drum cases there is no compromise in material quality. A lot of thought, experience, and rigorous testing goes into every case. From concept to design to production can take up to 18 months and every case is put through its paces by Team Protection Racket.

  • 30"x5½"x5½" Hardware Bag (30" x 5½" x 5½" Internal)
  • 42"x5½"x5½" Hardware Bag (42" x 5½" x 5½0" Internal)


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