Remo R-Series Fiberskyn Bongo Heads

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Size: 7¼”
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The R-Series Fiberskyn® drumheads are weather resistant, and provide a superb authentic drum sound with maximum projection, lively overtones and slap tones. The R-Series drumheads are manufactured using a wide, open channel hoop incorporating Remo’s standard drum set head manufacturing technology, offering durability and quality sound for Bongo drums. 

The R-Series Fiberskyn® Bongo drumhead provides a superb, authentic drum sound for maximum projection, lively overtones, and slap tones that are easy on your hands. The Fiberskyn® film brings superior construction, low maintenance, weather resistance, and will enhance your drumming experience. R-Series Bongo drumheads fit “regular” full size model Bongo drums from most of the major manufacturers*.

  • Fiberskyn® film brings superior construction, low maintenance and is weather resistant
  • Authentic drum sound with maximum projection and lively overtones
  • Available for Bongos Sizes 7¼” & 8½”


*Remo identifies “regular” full size model Bongos as the large drum (hembra) 8½”, 8⅝” and 9” sizes and the small drum (macho) measuring 7” or 7¼”. 

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