SlapKlatz Mini Drum Dampers (Pack of 6)


Colour: Clear
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With SlapKlatz MINI you get the same high quality drum dampeners as the renown SlapKlatz PRO drum dampeners provides, only at a lower price point.

You also get all of the different sized dampeners that you get with the PRO pack AND the same 4 colours to choose from. SlapKlatz MINI is truly a “best buy” when it comes to drum dampening.

The lovely “mini” carrying case just feels great. It has a nicely rounded shape that makes it slip right into your pocket. Its compact size makes it easy to carry around, so this is the perfect product for jam sessions, rehearsals etc.

One of the most important things when working with your drum sound, is being able to make the right amount of dampening.

With SlapKlatz you get 3 different sizes to choose from. Small, medium and large – no matter which pack you choose.


3x small (2cm) drum dampeners
2x medium (3 cm) drum dampeners
1x large (4 cm) drum dampener
1x pocket friendly container

Available in 4 colours

  • Clear
  • Alien Green
  • Pink
  • Black


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