Stagg N-Series Microphone Cable - Female XLR to Male XLR


Length: 1m
(10+) available to buy, see stock location below


Premium N-Series Microphone Cable , XLR M / XLR F - with REAN connectors . This cable is ROHS compliant. 

N-Series Audio Cables are professional-quality cables designed for the busy working musician doing live and studio sessions, who must adapt to every playing situation and requires premium quality gear that can be relied upon to deliver at all times.

Available in 6 lengths
  • NMC1R - 1 Meters (3ft)
  • NMC3R - 3 Meters (10ft)
  • NMC6R - 6 Meters (20ft)
  • NMC10R - 10 Meters (33ft)
  • NMC15R - 15 Meters (50ft)
  • NMC20R - 20 Meters (66ft)

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