Tama 1st Chair HT850BC Round-Rider XL Hydraulix Drum Throne

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Tama 1st Chair HT850BC Round-Rider XL Hydraulix Drum Throne with Cloth Top

The Round Rider features a traditional and gently rounded cushion shape that is very popular due to its versatility. This new extra large Round Rider XL seat provides the same classic shape with a wider surface area and a thicker seat.

1st Chair HYDRAULIX thrones allow effortless height adjustment simply by activating a lever. And because HYDRAULIX features a seat that can be removed from the base, this innovative throne offers the most easy-to-store and transport design in the market. The newly designed cloth top features a special fabric material that whisks away perspiration and prevents drummers from slipping while playing.

  • Weight: 6.0kg (13.3lbs)
  • Height Adjustment Range: 515mm - 695mm (21 1/4" - 27 3/8")

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