Tama Club Jam Flyer Shell Pack - Candy Apple Mist (Without Hardware)


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Tama Club Jam Flyer Shell Pack - Candy Apple Mist (Without Hardware)


The "Club-JAM" Kit adopts some ideas from vintage kits, such as a cymbal holder mounted directly on the bass drum shell and curved bass drum spurs, further setting it apart from the typical compact kit.

Focused yet deep sound from Poplar shell is just right for small and intimate gigs. Its compact size and configuration make it ideal for working drummers, and it fits comfortably on just about any stage.

New for 2020, the Club-JAM Flyer is the ultimate compact-sized drum kit. It features a 14”x10” bass drum with bass drum lifter, 8”x6” tom tom, 10”x9” floor tom and a 10”x5” snare drum. The Club-JAM Flyer kit delivers a very-well balanced authentic drum sound despite its smaller-sized shells. The Club-JAM Flyer kit’s compact size and configuration make it perfect for any small venue or street show. A special drum bag set for the Club-JAM Flyer kit allows for easy transportation (Sold separately).


  • Bass Drum Lifter
  • Bracket for Cymbal Holder
  • Natural Wood Bass Drum Hoop

*Shell Pack Only*

14"x10" Bass Drum
8"x6" Rack Tom
10"x9" Floor Tom
10"x5" Snare Drum
3 x Floor Tom Legs
1 x Tom Single Tom Arm
1 x Bass Drum Riser

This Kit does not Include any Hardware, Cymbals or Cymbal Arms. 

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