Tama HC4FB Classic Hardware Pack - HH55F, HS50S, HC52F, SBH01


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Tama HC4FB Classic Hardware Pack with Bag Inspired by the vintage cymbal stands of the 1960s, Tama are proud to announce their extremely lightweight and compact Classic Stands.

Main Features

  • HH55F, HS50S, HC52F, SBH01
  • Bag Included
  • Classic design
  • Flat base design

These stands are not merely a rehash of old designs, but a beautiful blend of vintage style with the strength, adjustability, and reliability of modern construction. In addition, the single braced adjustable tripod makes for easy placement without getting in the way of the hi-hat and drum pedal.

Hardware Included:

  • - HH55F Classic Hi-Hat Stand
  • - HS50S Classic Snare Drum Stand
  • - HC52F Classic Cymbal Stands (x2)
  • - Carrying Bag (670mm x 180mm x 190mm)


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