Tama Iron Cobra 200 Hardware Pack - HS60W, x2 HC63BW, HH205, HP200P


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Whether you're upgrading your existing stands or you need a full set of hardware to go with a brand-new shell pack, the Iron Cobra 200 pack from Tama is the perfect choice. This sturdy but lightweight hardware is packed full of pro end features like double braced legs, quick-set tilters on the cymbal stands and snare stand and the super smooth Power Glide cam on the bass drum pedal. The cymbal stands can be used is either the boom or straight position depending on the situation.

Pack Contains

  • x1 HS60W Snare Stand
  • x2 HC63BW Boom Cymbal Stand
  • x1 HH205 Iron Cobra Hi Hat Stand
  • x1 HP200P Iron Cobra Bass Drum Pedal

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