Tama Starphonic Stainless Steel 14"x6" Snare Drum

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Tama PSS146 Starphonic Stainless Steel 14"x6" Snare Drum

This model features 1mm thick stainless steel which has solid and rich resonance. And also its R.S.E. (Resonant Sound Edge) provides an open sound and brightness reminiscent of the vintage metal snare drums of the 20’s.

The first factor Tama focused on to achive a new snare drum sound was the effect of hoop. So, they carefully studied the evolution of the hoop over time. In doing so, they came up with an idea that combines vintage design and modern technology. That idea is the essence of the totally new "Grooved Hoop." By looseing the tension rods, you can tilt the claw hooks backwards and away from the Grooved Hoop. This quick release system offers simple, speedy replacement of drum heads without having to take all of the tension rods out of the lugs.
  • Model: PSS146
  • Shell: 1mm Stainless Steel
  • Size: 14"x6"
  • Hardware Finish: Chrome
  • Hoops: Grooved Hoop (10 hole)
  • Lugs: Freedom Lug
  • Strainer/Butt: "Linear-Drive" Strainer/Detachable Butt
  • Snare Wire: MS20RL14C

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