TnR TrueVibes For Floor Tom Legs (Pack of 3)


Colour: Black
In stock, delivered from supplier in 3-5 working days


TnR TrueVibe (floor tom) iso-mounts decouple the legs from the floor allowing them to vibrate with the drum. Now we hear the deep resonant tone come back along with a smooth and even decay. It’s the quality and richness of sound that we are after.

  • Improve volume and projection of your floor tom and prevent premature sound decay
  • Eliminate the transfer of vibrations from your floor tom to the floor (which chokes sustain and sound) and absorb shock for better stick rebound and floor tom sound
  • Increase dynamic range and response of your drum allowing you to you hear the best sound from your tom and the lowest fundamental note it can produce
  • Note: Use in combination with a drum dampener for a dry drum sound while still maintaining low end frequencies and rich, natural sound.

**Formally called Booty Shakers**

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