Vic Firth American Classic Extreme 5B Vic Grip - Wood Tip

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Vic Firth VF-X5BVG American Classic Extreme 5B Vic Grip - Wood Tip

Vic Grip is an anti-slip drumstick coating that provides a comfortable and slip resistant grip to Vic Firth's top selling American Classic® models. The specially formulated material is extremely durable and an ideal choice for players who prefer an enhanced grip on their sticks.

Great for the Extreme 5B player who is looking for a slip-free grip.

  • Diameter - .595" | 1.51cm
  • Length - 16 1/2" | 41.91cm
  • Material - Hickory
  • Surface Coating - Vic Grip
  • Tip Style - Wood
  • Tip Shape - Tear Drop

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