Vic Firth Cajon Bru-llet - Brush/Mallet for Cajon

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Vic Firth Cajon Bru-llet - Brush/Mallet for Cajon

Let’s face it, your sticks can’t do everything. Next-level music requires next-level thinking. That’s why Vic Firth are constantly collaborating with the world’s top players to create fresh sounds and take your music to new places.

Vic Firth offers a variety of “brushes” designed to deliver a traditional sound or create bold new colors. Each model makes its own musical statement and provides the opportunity for an extensive range of effects. Try something new. See where it takes you.

The Cajon Bru-llet marries elements of a brush and a mallet to brilliantly translate both slap and bass tones to the cajon! Hickory shaft with medium-stiff plastic bristles and a 1 1⁄2” mallet head made from XLPE foam. Sold in pairs.

  • Diameter - 0.650"
  • Length - 13.50"
  • Spread - 3.25"
  • Material - Plastic Bristles, Foam Mallet with Hickory Handle

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