Yamaha DTX6K3-X Electronic Drum Kit


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The Yamaha DTX6K2-X is one of a totally new breed of electronic kits. Using brand new sampled sounds recorded in some of the best and most famous studios in Europe, they have a new level of realism, with all the best features from previous DTX models.

  • Faithfully reproduces real drum kit sounds and ambience recorded in world renowned studios
  • AMBIENCE, COMP, and EFFECT Kit Modifier knobs that allow you to create your own unique sounds
  • Yamaha's original TCS head is used for all pads achieving a realistic, natural feel and rebound that makes you want to keep playing
  • 3-zone pads for the snare, crash, and ride. The cymbals can be choked and muted. The ride cymbal is equipped with a hit point detection function (positional sensing)
  • Yamaha system hardware is used for the included hi-hat stand and snare arm

This kit includes

  • Snare - XP80 (8 inch) TCS head 3-zone pad
  • Toms - (x3) XP70 (7 inch) TCS head 1-zone pad
  • Bass Drum - KP90 (7.5 inch) rubber head with Multi layer cushion
  • Hi Hat - RHH135 (13 inch) 2-zone pad
  • Cymbals - (x3) PCY135 (13 inch) 3-zone pad
  • RS6 Rack System
  • HS650A Hi Hat Stand

**Bass drum pedal not included**

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