Yamaha FP9500C Chain Drive Single Pedal

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Yamaha FP9500D Single Pedal

The FP9500C features a single pedal with chain drive of the beater. A new beater design is included which offers a choice between felt and plastic surfaces whilst the chassis uses a new design underplate.

The frame of the pedal is designed to be uncluttered and ergonomic whilst giving the right amount of set up options. These include a new spring tension adjuster with a clever self lock feature, a simple angle adjuster for the Beater, Footboard adjuster and a simple hoop clamp mechanism. All the adjustments can be made using a drum key.

The pedals comes with a light but protective carrying case which has enough room to also fit the pedal accessories safely and securely.

  • 2-way beater
  • Spring tension adjustment with self lock
  • Narrower underplate for closer setting
  • Simple hoop clamp mechanism
  • Beater angle adjustment
  • Footboard angle adjustment

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