Yamaha Live Custom Hybrid Oak 14" x 5.5" Snare Drum - Ice Sunburst

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Yamaha Live Custom Hybrid Oak 14" x 5.5" Snare Drum - Ice Sunburst

As with all of its drum sets, Yamaha undertook extensive internal research and development, consulting with a wide musical range of top Artists, to develop this new offering to the company's drum set lineup.

Employing its hybrid shell construction from the highly acclaimed PHX series, the Live Custom Hybrid Oak 7-ply shells are constructed with a phenolic ply between the oak plies, giving players more shell life, sustain and dynamic range. To cut unnecessary frequencies and boost low tones. The Live Custom Hybrid snare drums include high carbon steel 25-strand snare wires in the 14" x 5.5" edition. The hybrid shells, designed for this snare, allow for maximum protection and sensitivity, giving that classic cutting tone that comes with oak wood. The series features one of five new unique uzukuri finishes: UZU Ice Sunburst, and comes with Remo USA Heads. The traditional Japanese "uzukuri" finishing process creates a beautifully textured surface by carving only the softer grain of the wood with a brushing technique.
With the naturally massive sound of oak and a phenolic center ply, the hybrid shell construction creates a crisp articulation with powerful rimshot and dark tone. Strength, depth and power combined, ready to take on the main stage.
  • The Absolute single-post lug maximizes shell integrity and promotes maximum resonance and open tone
  • The traditional, Japanese uzukuri finish creates a unique look that defines the expression of oak
  • Staggered diagonal seams with Air Seal system construction for consistency, strength and wide tuning range
  • 2.3 mm DynaHoop offers a tighter sound and tuning stability
  • Dark chrome hardware creates an aggressive look for a dominating stage presence

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