Yamaha Recording Custom 14" x 8" Snare Drum - Surf Green

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Yamaha Recording Custom 14" x 8" Snare Drum - Surf Green

Borrowing from over 50 Years of drum craftmanship, the Recording Custom Wood Snare Drum delivers a wide tuning range, moderate attack and dynamic response that the world's greatest studio drummers crave.

One Piece Lug

The revamped modern design retains the traditional essence of the Recording Custom. In order to maximize the attenuating properties of the birch wood, the one-piece lug design ensures optimum sustain of the core sound producing a crisp, articulate tone.

100% North American Birch Shell

The 6-ply, 6 mm 100% birch shells have a unique sonic characteristic that ensures each stroke speaks clearly. The 30-degree bearing edges deliver a sharp response and clear snare sensitivity across the dynamic range. The shells have a wide tuning range, respond well to different head choices and are easy to tune.

Q-Type Strainer

The heavy-duty Q-type strainer is robust and offers solid, stable and smooth operation along with adjustment and snare replacement.

Triple-Flange Hoop

This sturdy yet lightweight 1.6 mm hoop provides open sound, a wide tuning window and great backbeat feel.

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