Zildjian K Constantinople 20" Renaissance Ride

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Zildjian K Constantinople 20" Renaissance Ride

The legendary "K Con" is the pinnacle of the Zildjian cymbal line, renowned for its perfect blended sound quality.  Complex hammering contributes to the cymbal's unique sonic identity and dark tones that can be at once cutting and smooth.   Made in small batches using a 14-step process, every K Constantinople has its own signature voice.

Developed in conjunction with renowned jazz drummer Adam Nussbaum, the 20” K Constantinople Renaissance Ride is a versatile instrument that works well in small-to-medium-sized musical settings and complements the original 22", but with a little less volume output. Its unique hammering features borrow from other K and K Custom series, resulting in a beautiful hybrid with a wide spectrum of sound applications. Three rows of over hammering and four series of large hammer clusters on top give it a slightly 'trashy' sound and a beautiful spread of dark overtones. This cymbal features smooth lathing on both sides for a little extra give, and a smaller bell than the 22" that is left unlathed underneath and overhammered on top. The result is a 20" ride that can handle strong accents and has a nice initial wash, but is still very articulate and easy to control in its smaller size. 
  • Versatile in small-to-medium-sized musical settings
  • Slightly less volume output than the 22"
  • Hammering in three rows and four clusters for 'trashy' sound
  • Smooth lathing on both sides for extra give
  • Very articulate and easy to control

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