Zildjian K Custom 20" Left Side Ride w/ 3 Rivets

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Zildjian K Custom 20" Left Side Ride with 3 Rivets

Drawing from the spirit of the legendary K Zildjian range, K Custom cymbals are dark, rich and dry and enable today's drummers to utilize complex K sounds in a more modern musical environment. They feature traditional K hammering, plus a variety of additional modern hammering techniques that produce unique sonic capabilities. Recommended for modern jazz, studio, country and medium rock. K Customs are designed with today's diverse music scene in mind

Designed with Peter Erskine, the K Custom Left Side Ride is an all-important second ride. With clear, warm ride sound properties, the 3-rivet cluster adds a superb sizzle and textural qualities. Made in a natural finish, the dry stick sound helps keep this ride exactly where you want it.
  • Designed with Zildjian Artist Peter Erskine
  • The all-important second ride
  • Three-rivet cluster that adds textural quality
  • Clear, warm ride properties
  • Dry stick sound that keeps you in control

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